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Bienvenidos a mi blog. Con esta herramienta pretendo el facilitar a las familias y alumnos recursos para poder repasar conceptos y actividades que realicemos tanto en nuestras clases bilingües como otros materiales e ideas que resulten de interés en otras materias. Además podréis disfrutar de fotos y vídeos que vayamos colgando. Espero que resulte útil y que nos resulte práctico.

martes, octubre 10, 2017

What do we know about pigs?

After some sessions talking about pigs, 
in cooperative groups we have completed  a mind map showing:

What do they eat?
Where do they live?
How big are they?
What characteristics have they got?
What colour are they?
What do they like doing?
What can and can't they do?
And what kind of animals are they?

As a result, children of class 2 can speak and say well structured sentences about pigs. 
Here you can see a video.

miércoles, septiembre 20, 2017

All about me Presentations

Hi everyone!!! 

Welcome to a new school year.
Here is one of the first activities We have done in class 2 during the first few days at school.
After completing some personal information, children introduced themselves orally to the rest of the class.
This year We are working on different text types and in this case it,s about Filling in a FORM.
We are also going to do oral presentations now and then. 

miércoles, abril 05, 2017

We're going on a bear picnic best moments!!!

Don't miss the best moments of our picnic activity!!! And... colorin colorado our project is finished!!!

jueves, marzo 30, 2017


Today class 1 have received an Invitation Letter for a Picnic Party. Spring is here! So, we and our teddies are celebrating the end of their hibernation.

This is the invitation letter. And as you can see at the bottom of the letter, there is the acronym RSVP which is an initialism derived from the French phrase Répondez s'il vous plaît meaning "Please respond".

So, you can answer this letter using this blog replying this invitation.

Finally, we have done a wordsearch rally in groups to discover some of the things they can put inside their baskets for the picnic. They love working in groups and they learn a lot!!!

lunes, marzo 27, 2017

We're going on a Bear Hunt Story Map

Drawing some story maps of the story We're going on a Bear Hunt. Here you can see some samples. Love it!!!

miércoles, marzo 22, 2017

Buddy Reading System

We have set up a buddy reading system between class 1 and class 4. Our older children, as teachers, help our little boys and girls read a book about a girl named Tina who has lost her teddy bear. We have completed the session with a post reading activity. They enjoy and learn together.
Here some pictures of this moment!!!

We are going on a Bear Hunt

Goldilocks and the 3 Bears

jueves, febrero 16, 2017

ng spelling list

Here you are a new spelling list. This is the new sound for this week: ng
Thanks again to Heidi for her voice on the video!!!

martes, febrero 14, 2017

Saint Valentine's Day

Today we have celebrated Saint Valentine's Day decorating some heart-shaped cakes. Class 1 and class 4 have work together following some instructions to do it. Here you can see some photos of this cooking workshop.

                            I love my kids and they love me!!!

jueves, febrero 09, 2017

Drama lesson with "Brown Bear, Brown Bear Story"

Today, class 1 have been acting the story Brown Bear, Brown Bear. 
Here you can see the video. We wish you like it.

jueves, febrero 02, 2017

ch spelling list

Here is a new list and the video with our second spelling list. 
Our second sound is ch.
You can use it to revise and learn the words.
 Remember Numbers 4, 5, 6, 7 and 10 have the sh sound and numbers 8 and 9 are tricky words.

Click on the image to listen to Heidi pronouncing the following words 

jueves, enero 26, 2017

Bar Graph "What colour is your teddy?"

Today we have done a Bar Graph to see how many teddy bears were brown, yellow...etc
We have practiced the structures:
- What colour is your/his/her teddy?
- How many teddies are Brown, red, ...?
- My/her/his teddy is...

sh spelling list

Here is the list but also a video with our first spelling list. 
Our first sound is sh.
You can use it to revise and learn the words.
 Remember Numbers 4, 5, 6, 7 and 10 have the sh sound and numbers 8 and 9 are tricky words.

Click on the image to listen to Heidi pronouncing the following words 

lunes, enero 23, 2017

Learning Zones Activities Brown Bear

During this term, Class 1 is working again around 6 new learning zones. They rotate to a different learning zone each Monday.

Here you can see the different learning zones.

1) Selfcorrect animal PEGS. 

Children choose an animal and pick the pegs that have the letters written with the same colour as the animal. They put the pegs in order to form the name of each animal from the Brown Bear Story. Then, they turn over the animal and if they are right the word matches with the one below. Finally, they write it in their notebooks.

2) Stamp the name of the animals.

3) Cut, glue and write the name of the animals. Complete the story.

4) Word Searches, Crosswords and Puzzles Zone

5) Building up Zone in which our students create and write sentences using sticks and a colour code.

 6) Our Rainbow Zone in which our students put in order letters to form the name of a number.